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Karla was born in Alabama and raised in a small town in Georgia.  Being from the South, she was taught the importance of family and hard work.  At the age of 18, she was thrilled to be able to relocate to Florida and pursue a career in office management.  Moving to Clearwater in 2014, she took a few years off to devote to her family and raising strong, confident kids.  She now has been recruited into the PEO industry and is loving every moment of it!   In her down time, you can find Karla in her favorite place, with her family, on the water, fishing.

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Sabbina Barras

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Originally from Iowa, Jen graduated from the University of Iowa with an English degree and minor in Professional Writing. After almost three years in the educational publishing world where she developed her outstanding communication skills, Jen moved to sunny Florida to pursue her aspiration to work as a certified tennis teaching professional at Innisbrook Resort.  After taking time to raise her three young children, Jen embraced the opportunity to return to the workforce to begin her insurance career.    

Jen's main goal is to provide clients with outstanding service and accessible expertise with an honest and responsive approach to the complex world of insurance. Her keen eye for details, amazing research skills, and ability to nurture relationships aid Jen in her charge to obtain new business and manage renewal of Workers' Compensation accounts.

Jen lives in Palm Harbor with her husband and three children, and her interests include tennis, running, and teaching AWANA at her church.

Linda attended Bryan College, a small private school in Dayton, TN, where she studied Early Childhood Education.  She graduated with honors and went on to teach for four years in the Tennessee public school system.  In 2010, Linda and her family moved to Clearwater, FL where she and her husband continued their careers as educators.  After spending 8 years as a classroom teacher, working with students from Kindergarten to 7th grade in both public and private schools, she decided to make the exciting transition from educating young children to educating clients about the advantages and cost-saving benefits of partnering with PEO's.

Kalani McDaniel

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Leslie was born in the suburbs of NYC but has lived in Florida for the past 30 years. Following a career in the family publishing business, she spent over 20 years as a Director of Development and Special Events for various not-for-profits in the Tampa Bay area. Joining the Siracusa Staffing and Leasing team has allowed her to embark on a new and exciting career while affording the opportunity to stay connected to the various charities that are important to her. She looks forward to bringing the skills she has learned throughout her career to building new relationships in the PEO world. While not working, Leslie spends her time with her family. Leslie has three grown children and three grandchildren.

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Larry has over 20 years of experience in the PEO arena.  Long lasting relationships have been a significant building block in his distinguished career.  As a sales professional, Larry is fiercely proud of his integrity, transparency, and solid communication skills in every aspect of his business dealings.  He is originally from the Jersey Shore, via Greensboro, NC for his Bachelor's Degree.  Larry has two sons and they are all crazy for soccer.  And he currently resides in Seminole with his wife Mary, his partner in all things wonderful, business included.  They are avid runners and love reggae music.

We help business owners develop a solid foundation and business strategy so they can be successful. We will work to improve your "Business of Employment" by assisting you with all your payroll, workers' compensation, and staffing needs. 

Denise Rosenberg

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There is only one PEO Broker!

I was born in Venezuela and moved to the U.S. when I was only two.  I have been in Florida ever since and love living here!  I was running the front office at a small private school before coming to SS&L to start my next adventure.  I am excited for this opportunity to be able to jump in and start helping the company succeed in all areas!  I love going on new adventures with my husband to places we've never been and doing things we've never done before!

Leslie DiPaci

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Kara is a native Floridian who began working in her families’ business at the tender age of five.  Over the years, her parents and grandparents taught her the importance of a strong work ethic as well as the value of positive customer service.
After attending the University of Florida, Kara began a career in Product Development and Licensing which spanned a decade.  She developed and maintained strong working relationships with high-profile licensors such as Disney, Warner Bros., Coca-Cola and Lucasfilm Ltd.  It was these impressive connections which led the Home Shopping Network to hire her as their Entertainment & Licensing Buyer.  Kara handled famous musical acts, high-profile movie properties such as Spider-Man and Lord of the Rings, and most of the licensed products sold through HSN.  
After taking time off to focus on raising her daughter, Kara secured a mortgage origination license.  Shortly thereafter, she was recruited into the PEO world as a broker.  Decades of working with high-profile entertainers, artists, manufacturers, and licensors worldwide enabled Kara to easily maintain tight deadlines, pay close attention to detail and provide unparalleled customer service to all her clients and agents.  Referrals by those agents and clients quickly propelled Kara to the top of her sales team.

The satisfaction of assisting insurance agents and business owners to secure workers’ comp coverage won out eventually, and Kara left the mortgage world completely behind to launch Siracusa Staffing & Leasing, LLC.  As a respected industry professional, Kara strives to provide ethical, professional service to her clients and insurance partners.

Raised in Barcelona, Spain until the age of 19 (allowing her to become "native" fluent in both English and Spanish), Hannah moved to the United States to attend college. It was there that she met her wonderful husband.  Since then, they have remained in Florida for the past 17 years. Hannah has worked in the education system for 12 years, both as a teacher and as a therapist for students with learning disabilities. After taking 4 years off to raise kids at home, she is back and ready to work once again outside the home. She has always been very driven when working and is now very excited to take that drive and pour it into this position as a PEO broker.

Picture and bio coming soon.

Karla Harrison

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Tammie Straughn

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Brenda grew up on a small farm in Northern Wisconsin where she learned the value of hard work.  She moved to Florida in 1989 and started a successful career in banking.  She then became a full-time wife and mother for many years where she taught her children, via example, the importance of good work ethics, being on-time and honesty.  After the last child left college, she chased a fun passion and became a Brick Specialist at the LEGO store in Orlando.  Now living in Clearwater, she is looking forward to using the skills she has learned to be the best PEO Broker she can be.

Jen Siracusa

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Our Team

Kalani came on board to SS&L from our friends at The Arc Tampa Bay Foundation.  And we thank them every day for her.  After putting in a couple of great years at The Arc, Kalani was ready to move on to the next challenge in her life.  And we've certainly tried to keep her challenged, which is no easy task with Kalani.  As you will quickly find out if you get the chance to speak with Kalani when you call into the office, just like Chelsea, she knows everything that is happening, is extremely friendly and will assist you in just about any way you need.  Aside from being a fantastic addition to the team, Kalani still stays very active at The Arc and was recently on the committee of one of the events at The Arc that we were the presenting sponsor for, Wings, Wheels & Wine.  In her free time, Kalani loves to do yoga and run marathons.

​​Born in Poughkeepsie, New York but raised in Florida, David Siracusa is a proud graduate of the University of Florida.  He spent seven enriching years as a history teacher at Tampa Catholic High School before beginning his professional career in the financial world.
David went to work for AXA Advisors in 2000 as a financial advisor.  His entrepreneurial spirit was tested in this commission-only field, but David rose to the challenge and excelled.  The skills and determination he honed in those early days have stuck with him and provided him with a solid foundation to this day.  That was especially true when he co-founded Employee Leasing Strategies in 2010.
David used his financial and real world background to help grow ELS from a start-up idea into a multi-million dollar agency with 18 employees.  His technological innovations, aggressive hiring, and desire to grow the business led to dramatically increased profitability every year.  The most important advancement David helped adopt was the desire and need to reach out to the companies’ most important partners, Property and Casualty Agents.  Developing networks and building relationships with P&C Agents was the catalyst to his companies’ meteoric rise.  
In January of 2016, Siracusa Staffing & Leasing was launched.  David applied his determination and drive to SS&L’s goal to become a Property & Casualty Agent’s best resource for workers’ compensation.  He implemented submission, enrollment and commission platforms tailored specifically to P&C Agents to provide significant commissions with minimal effort on the part of the agent.  Siracusa Staffing & Leasing prides itself on offering the best service in the industry!
David’s innovative spirit was recognized by Ernst & Young when they selected him as a finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2015.  He enjoys supporting local schools and charitable organizations and is heavily involved in raising much-needed funds for The Arc Tampa Bay, the Payton Wright Foundation, Matone de Chiwit and others.

Denise Rosenberg was born on the Naval Base in National City, CA. Raised in a military family, Denise was taught the guiding principles of hard work, integrity and service to others. She played collegiate volleyball at Queens College in Charlotte, NC then went on to become a Gator at the University of Florida. Upon completing the orthoptics program, she was employed by Shand’s /UF Health / VA Hospital.  She worked for several years in the Department of Ophthalmology until making the decision to stay home with her growing family. While raising her children, she developed her passion for photography and started her own business, Denise Rosenberg Photography. Denise and her husband Jason have been married for 18 years and have four children and two dogs. 

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A stay-at-home mom of three wonderful children for many years, Mary spent the last several years working as the backbone of her husband's insurance practice.  Because of this, she is very knowledgeable in the workers' comp field.  She is accustomed to providing excellent customer service, she is very detail oriented, and always puts the customer first.  We are excited to have Mary as a part of the SS&L family.  Mary lives in Seminole with her husband Larry, her partner in all things wonderful, business included.  They are avid runners and love reggae music.