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David is an entrepreneur who brings a high level of innovation to the workers' comp insurance arena. He presided over   development of submission and enrollment systems, so as to better facilitate assisting employers directly seeking workers’ comp, as well as Property & Casualty Agents who need assistance with tough-to-place companies.
--Dan, EY

Kara maintains her focus on connections. She always checks in with her agent network to find out how to best help their organizations. Today, she has achieved success because she was a risk-taker. Kara's leadership and forward-thinking drive make her a game changer.

-- Jen W., business owner


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Our experience in the financial and insurance industries provides us with the know-how to best meet your employment needs. Whether servicing payroll administrative services or workers' compensation solutions, we will efficiently and effectively find you the right coverage, at the best price.


We treat our clients like collaborative partners using transparent practices. We spend extra resources on sophisticated technology systems so we can focus better on earning & keeping your business. We have become indispensable to the clients we service, as we continue to exceed customer expectations.

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David Siracusa



​​We help business owners develop a solid foundation and business strategy so they can be successful. We will work to improve your "Business of Employment" by assisting you with all your payroll, workers' compensation, and staffing needs.​

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